One last timee

Okk so the real no.1 girl in my life wants in on this guys and its time.i did someone cute for her cos its seriously been a whilre„ muffin im sowwieee :(

Here goes, Riyah my goddd i can talk about alott, and knowing me thats what im gonna do cos well why wouldnt i? Your by the far the cutest, smartest, most awesome and coolest person ever and u have great taste in friends :P althought i dont rrally see u alot or probs wont for a ehile, im still gonna love u forverr and forever cos in my eyes u stayed and went thorugh hell with me so its only best u stay with me through the heavenly parts aswell, although i dont think A levels are fum but oh well. OMG I LITERALLY DECIDED MY LIFE NEXT YR. OMGOMGOMOMGOMGONGFUCK IM SCARED NOW…. okkk paniking overr although i cant ever show you, i can try and ket my word tell u that ur like the bestest person ive met and well as we both know, without you in my life id be dead. End of. And its like i love u more than u can ever rralize, think i kiss u and hug u outta boredom whenevrr i see u? Hell no, sure it maybe a little awks for u sometimes but mehh YOLO BITCHH„ okk wow i actually said YOLO like wow does anyone even say that these days? But still regardeless if i had that 25Carat diamond ring, ud be the first person id put it on and then yeahh uknow marry u and shitt cos well id be stupidd not too and i kmow ur gonna be all like really? :/ but its true and well i cant ever show u how much i love u, sexually or in other ways, like buying u a the chanel u so deserve off me, but then again sexuallys much easier ;) OKK FINE i said none of that for a whilee and yeahh forget i saidd itt„ unless u dont wanna ;P okk seriosuly wtf is up with me these days and damnn i cant spell anymoree.. i think this is a good place to stop cos well i shouldd and it still makes me happy and amazes me that u actually call me BooBoo cos well whenevr people STILL CALL ME IT NOW, YES LIKE 15YEARS LATER IM STILL CALLED IT BY FAMILY„ when u do it its cute them is just like no i have a name thickoo -_- but oh well cant change everyone


Those special girls ♥

Now theres still one person/ group of people who would never see this„ but i still needa wuickly sayy, to the year13 girls who actually made me like a person and spoke to me, from the bottom of my heart thank you so muchh, i know i was annoying at times but u gave a new reason to live and thatt and well u were all so pretty so it was nice being in my comfort zone with people i felt great with„ and a special mentio to the amazing girl who made us friends in the first place; Amrit, who whenever shr see me hugs me for a while and makes me feel speciall and its even better cos shes hott„ okk fine not noww but what made her even specialler, if thats a word, to me is thatt she helped me make friends, and spoke to me when i was alone, on my birthday nevertheless it was like omg i love u so muchh and well where rver life takes you, enjoy the ride and remeber im always here
Love Harvir

Okk so tumblr decided to delete what i wrote beforehand so thankss -_-

Anyway this post is for the person who i felt kept the most stable, emotionally through the emotional rollercoaster of a yearr, amd for refernces sake, this perosn and the person in the thanks 2 post were stupidly close so yeahh, i still love u guys equally and stuff ♥

Anyways here goess, so its wierd how people cross your pathh, i mean its like sometimes by pure accident and some on purpose, i feel us meeting was by chance and like i think if u never approached me on tjat day, when and where our path wouldda crossed is beyond me and tbh we wouldnt be as close friends as we are now, just my opinion tbh„ the moment we first spoke i felt wierd, mainly cos i didnt eanna be too open with you and tried being a bit distant„ and it worked, like we became friends LOL and after the chaos of tryning to get EACH OTHERS PHONE NUMBER RIGHT -_- „ we eventually started talking and texting and well it good, like it felt nice not being the one making all the effort and well it was a really nice change and i could tell u liked talking to me and then it came abouts i asked you how u felt about my future wife taylor ‘princess’ Swift„ she is one we cant deny it guys„ and if you do ur crazyy and u said you liked and i literally wanted to cryy, the prettiest and most popular person to talk to me liked the girl i wanna spend the rest of my life withh„ okk millions do but screw them im speciall :’) and well from there everything became alot more free flowing and it got to a point when i couldnt keep up the charade any longer and after about a month i had to tell u about my padt inwhich the suporrt you were giving me was immense, amd well u gave me a very strange ultimatum (if thats the right wordd) and it was like i felt good that soneone cared so muchh and it came to a point when you told me some of your stuff and WELL OKAY I MAY HAVE STARTED CRYING BUT I COULDNT HELP MYSELF WHRN THE GIRL I LOVED THE MOST TOLD ME SOMETHING MEGA DEEP AND THATT and OMG YOU JUST WHATSAPPED ME LIKE :))))))))))„ seriously if this doesnt show how happy you make me, i dont know what will.. despite how well we get on amd how muchh uve hlped me in the past yr„ i can honeslty say thatt your support for me really helped me, espcially in moments whrn i thought yepp this is it im gonna do it, im gonna kill myself or something„ cos self harm was too little for me it seemed, you were always there for me and literally ready to slap me outta itt and well even when i was having a shit day at school, ud always be there tochug and cry to; not literally cos its not like everything thinks im wierd enoughh and well ot even came to me even doing an improv speech on you infront of randoms who’ll never meet u and well it showed me how much i love u and im glad i told u about issues i thought we were having cos now im alot happier

All in all this is all icrmeeber cos ukmowa its 1in the morningg

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH S.R., SCREW INTIALS FOR ONCE I LOVE U SHIVANIIIIIIIIII ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ LIKE SERIOUSLY your one of those people who id want to marry so we can happy forevwrr♥♥


Love your amazingg Harvirr :-*

My thanks 2

Well wow, what a difference one moment can make youknow? I mean a moment from feeling completly confused and alone to being with friends, i mean wow….

So they say in life you never anyone alike to u and if so your quite luckkyy and well i can sayy IVE MET THAT PERSON ALREADY YAAAAAAAYY„ shes by far the smartest, coolest, most popular, amazing, funny and prettiest girl out there and the moment i spoke to her for a good 5mins i realized i rrally like talking to this girl and like i shouldnt be afraid to go out there and try and make new friendss and well they can pretty muchh change your whole life aroundd in the blink of an eye… now i know most people treat me quite poorly but like with you, i could tell u didnt wanna treat me like thatt and well you treated me like a person for the first time and i liked itt, i loved how nice you were to me and like i loved how you were always there for me and stuff and how you wrre the first ever person to share certain stuff with me and made me feel happy„ then it turned quite bad and due to the only reason, BOYS, like serioualy they must see me and be like to the girl im mates with and about to ask you out and be all like damnn your quite close„ me or him and like life takes it toll, they always win and the girl never talks to me again and i figure out lile 7years too late, but again this time was different, i mean i was the guy u told everything too and most times i knew he didnt deserve you and well u then showed me after and it took a while but u finally git rid of him and IT MAKES ME LAUGH HE WANTS TO GET BACK INTO YOUR LIFE AGAIN LIKE OMG YOU SHOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER PLAYING ‘WANGBT’ AROUND HIM OR I WILL SERIOUSLY. Other than thatt and after exams, like most things, it didnt go back to how it was before and well i think thats just how life goes, despite it all, your still an amazing beautiful girl who i love so muchh you should know itt, like seriously i dont think i ever said this but if the chance came, id so marry you hopefully thats not too gay by me, although i have my moments :P

Oh and i forgot to mention, Happy birthday in advance beautifull, i hope you get everything you deserve cos u really deserve itt and thanks for really making my year evebln better cos without you this year wouldda suckeddddddd

Love Harvy xoxoxoxo

My thanks 1

Well after hearing me rant alot earlier, heres the better side of me praising a few people for thier actions in my year, enjoyy

Now its awks to think i actually dont remember what it was like when i first met you cos well, this years been hetic and tbh noone can blame me but nevertheless the second time i met, thinking it was the first and you were like ‘Hi Harvir i know your name, whats mine?’ Amd the tone kinda made me think ahhhhhh who pissed you off? :/ but after that amd kinda seeing your not rrally like other girls, and more boyishh, i kinda enjoyed being around you„ okay it was new for me and well it felt good for the first time, i was around someone i felt somewhat comfy around and still to this day im glad were friends, and like although You’ve done ALOTT for me, it still confuses me as to why someone as amazing as yourself would like me as a personn, then again im awesome and we all know itt :P

I know we dont have alot of memories or anything persay but still, u were like my first kiss, on the cheek but in truth i never thought you’d actually do it ahaha but like seriously speaking it felt good, like i felt sparks or fireworks or whatever the fuck it means and well i havent had a feeling like thatt in well since then LOL MY LIFE :O but i genuiely thought thats how id remember you, then it turns out it wasnt, youve helped me kinda see who i was a person and give me ALOTT of life lessons and stuff even though your younger than me and well K.S. it really means alot and well even though we’ve only been friends a few months and that, amd we’ve only had one real fight and tons more getting on and enjoying school, i didnt realize how great you actually are and well i like it„ i like it alott and well recently you even told me from a situation you were in beforehand with someone, one i was heading into and well id be screwed if i didnt listem to you and well, you tell me you tho7ght of me I MEAN SERIOUSLY I HAD TO FANGIRL

Now i know your not too good with emotion but OH WELL I ALREADY WROTE THIS OUT AND I CBF TO DELETE IT I MEAN SERIOUSLY and u probs wont see this anyways, You’ll always be one my best friends no matter what and by far someone who made my year alot better than it was so thanks :-)

From your ‘Walking Contradiction’ Harvir xoxo